Happy Summer

Enjoy your time

Last Week for 2014-15

  • Last Rise & Shine for the year


  • Kinder - 2nd "Name That Book" in Cafeteria, Kinder - 2nd is invited to watch, 8:45
  • Learning Explosion in 3rd - 5th grade, classrooms may visit each others classes to hear about the learning from this year, any time during the day.
  • Pizza for Lunch provided by one of our teacher's parents:)
  • SHAC Meeting 2:00
  • LPAC 3:00


  • Awards Day, rotation time in gym, chairs will be set up for parents
  • PTO Lunch Bar-b-que
  • LPAC 3:00


  • Teacher Talent Shown 9:00
  • Early Release 1:00
  • DHS Graduation 6:00 pm UNT


  • Class End of Year Parties after 10:00 am
  • 5th Clap out, 12:40ish
  • Report Cards go home
  • District's End of Year Get together 1:45 @ DHS Auditorium

Destination Reached

Roadtrip reflections….

"The road is long, with many a winding turn…." and we made it to the very end. I know each of you left a piece of yourself along the way with stops at various places. Your talents and gifts may not be seen immediately from the lives you touched, but may take years to come to fruition and the seeds sowed that were planted. The journey we all undertook together was every bit as joyous, stressful, and rewarding as we imagined it would be. We come to the end with bittersweet memories of those we are sending on and others that may have left us throughout our journey. There will always be a place for each of you in the hearts and minds of those we passed on our travels. The planning takes so long and then it is over before you know it. I pray for each of you and the others along the journey path, that your future will be bright and you will dream big, so big that at times you almost don't believe it can happen. Never sell yourself short, remember it only takes a small glimmer to light up a dark room. Each of you are that glimmer that sprinkled your stardust glitter along the path, that fell upon your many stops along the way. Together we will all shine on and brighten the path for many travels ahead.