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January 2022

Newsletter #52

New Year Greetings ~ Happy 2022!

Sometimes the days just get away from you and by the time you look up from a myriad of tasks, you realize that it has somehow been months since a newsletter went out! There certainly has not been a lack of goings-on here at GG. We have been as busy as ever! Sorry we didn't slow down and share some of it with you!

January 2022

Our crew returned from Christmas Break on January 3, ready to get back into our routine. So far this month, they have taken down Christmas decorations, demolished the run-down playset on the church playground, deep cleaned, organized the GG office, worked on puzzles, planned spring planting, and more. This crew sure does have boundless energy and a hardworking spirit!

We also welcomed Caleb to our GG family. It is always exciting to bring a new client onboard. The fact that some staff and clients already knew Caleb made it an even easier transition. He fits right in like he has always been with us!

December 2021

December flew by amazingly fast! We had two unexpected days off at the beginning of the month and then our final day before Christmas was December 23. During that short month we had two shows - the Canfield High School Christmas Craft Show and the Youngstown Flea's Holiday Market. We were very grateful that 2021 closed with a couple of fun and successful shows, after two very weird years with limited shows. Now we hope 2022 goes even better!

Our crew stayed busy in December with jam making, catnip toy stuffing, making cookies with Dustin's Aunt Bonnie, baking cinnamon rolls, clearing away downed trees, and doing lots of work in the back greenhouses in preparation of their removal later this winter. Before we closed for Christmas, we had two celebration lunches. Pastor Mike and Stacy brought in a homemade feast with smoked ham one day and on our final work day of 2021, we had a Christmas party with special guests Cameron Fortune, Darius Surgenavic, and Sue Weaver! We even took a quick trip to Salem to visit Kitty Kromer at Reach for the STARS, so she could enjoy some of our Christmas fun with us. It was certainly a fabulous month!

November 2021

There were plenty of days with perfect weather in November, so we spent a lot of time outside working and having fun. It almost felt like spring or summer as we continued to battle the never-ending onslaught of our nemesis - WEEDS! It hardly seemed fair that weeding continued this far into the year. We can only hope that we put such a dent in them that spring will bring less weeds. (Fingers crossed!) We invite you to join us this year in our weed battle. We love volunteers!

We also spent time on processing dried herbs, which are now available for sale on the GG table in the Great Room, making jam, packing up Giveaway donations for the St. Vincent de Paul Society to pick up, cleaning, discussing things we are thankful for, and on many other tasks. November also brought a field trip to Wal-Mart and to take our pumpkins to feed the chickens of our "egg lady." In these pandemic times, field trips off the property have been rare, so these were highly appreciated events. The month of November ended with Christmas decorating, always a fun time!

Don't Throw Out Your Coffee Grounds & Egg Shells!

GG is collecting egg shells and coffee grounds. They can be placed in the black wastebasket to the left of the pew by the Café.

Why are we collecting these items? They are great additions to our fields and raised beds. They can be added to our compost pile or directly to the garden. Want to know more? Check out these interesting resources: Coffee Grounds and Egg Shells.

Jam Making Supplies Needed

If you have been looking for a way to donate and help GG with the mission of education and opportunity ​for people of all abilities, purchasing jam supplies is a perfect way to do that! Working on kitchen skills - from knife safety, to reading a recipe, to washing dishes - is one of the important areas we spend time on with our clients. Additionally, the sale of our jam helps to provide our clients with paychecks for their work. Our jam making supply closet is looking bare, as we are almost out of the regular mouth 8oz. mason jars, lids, and rings we use. If you are able to donate any of these supplies, or if you would like to make a monetary donation ear-marked for jam supplies, we would appreciate it greatly!
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Available Jam

Jungle Jam and Juicy Jam are available in several flavors at Reach for the STARS in Salem
and in Columbiana at the Chamber of Commerce office. You are also welcome to stop by GG and check out what's available on our table in the Great Room. Jam is $6.

Jungle Jam: Blueberry Jalapeno,

Cranberry Jalapeno, Hot, Cherry Habanero, Dragon

Juicy Jam: Cranberry Orange, Blueberry Lemonade

We also have:

* Organic Catnip Toys ~ handmade here, with our catnip, cost - $4

* Dried Herbs ~ grown here this summer, dried by our crew, cost - donation

CSA News

We are almost ready to start advertising CSA 2022! If you are interested in purchasing a share of our Community Supported Agriculture program, keep an eye out for a CSA email before the end of the month. Lists have been made and we are checking them twice! The next step will be updating the info on our CSA brochure. We are excited that it is almost time to start thinking about produce pick-up days again!

Summer 2022 ~ Mission Group Work Days

Our partner church in Mission Trips, Canfield Presbyterian, has temporarily suspended the mission housing program for this 2022 season. They hope to have the program back up and running for the summer of 2023. This means that GG will not be part of week long Mission Trip experiences this year. But, there is a different option...

We are glad to set up a mission work day!

Last summer, we had several youth groups come out for one day projects. We would be glad to arrange a work day for your group. You can come in the morning, take a lunch break with us, and then stay ​for an afternoon work period or leave after eating. Give us a call and we can work together!

If you know of any groups - youth groups, community groups, service groups, etc. - who are looking for a project this summer, please let them know about Goodness Grows. Thank you!

For all your support last year...

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We appreciate all of you and we wouldn't be here without YOU!

Check out our website & Facebook page to learn more!

Goodness Grows is a 501(c)3 non-profit operating out of Common Ground Church Community. Our mission is to cultivate personal, social, and community growth through gardening, education, and opportunity for people of all abilities. We are working to improve people's lives through social and therapeutic gardening practices. We'd love for you to join us!

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