A tutorial on animation by Kanan Sato & Toni Valencia


This website is an online program in which anyone can make their presentation even better! Through this program, you can make an animation and it only takes a very short amount of time. Make your presentation more creative with PowToon

Use these EASY Steps to Use PowToon!

1) Create an account

2) Choose a template

3) Edit the template

4) Simply Drag & Drop Images and Text


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Here is the PowToon Studio.

Use the sidebar for animation effects and simply drag and drop the images/text

It works similar to a word document, which is why there is Text Edit Section in the upper bar where you change the color, size and font of the text.

The bottom bar where it has numerical value, that is the video edit where you can lengthen or shorten the image or the animation.

Include Music and Videos through the video and sound section in the upper bar.

REMEMBER TO SAVE! Although PowToon also saves automatically.

Export the animation by clicking SHARE.


This is where the good animation comes in.

Found on the right-side bar of the Powtoon Studio, the styles and objects are an array of text effects, backgrounds, animation, characters, and image holders.

In order to place any one of the above effects, simply double click on the icon and it will appear on the selected slide. Once the effect is displayed on the slide, you may re-size it.

There are different styles which contain different animations, so scroll through the different styles to find an animation suited for your presentation. Although, some styles may not be offered if you are in the free version.


The scenes are found on the left-side bar where slides are showcased.

You add slides by clicking on the + button or delete slides by clicking on the - button.

Another feature is that you may duplicate the slide exactly or only the objects of a slide into another using the icons on the upper right-hand corner of the sidebar.

On the bottom of the sidebar, you will find a play button, where in you may play your animation to test your animations.


PowToon allows your animation to be exported as a file to your computer or to Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

Simply click on the export button and choose your options