Its Time For A Change!

Israelite Baptist Church Youth Explosion 2013

June 12-15

Wednesday Night

Thursday Night God Deliverance Temple
(Pastor Micheal Young)

  • Friday 10th Bethel Word & Worship Deliverance Temple
    (Minister Eric Alston)

  • Friday11th -Church of the Harvest
(Apostle Jermone Middleton)

  • Saturday-12th Israelite Baptist Church -(Trevin Cannon)-Youth Choir-
3:00 P.M

Order of service

  • Praise and Worship
  • Introduce Master of Ceremonies
  • Prayer
  • Read Scripture
  • Guest Choir (2 selections)
  • Praise Dance
  • Offering
  • Guest Choir (2 selections)
  • The Word
  • Prizes:)
Come and have a good time,I believe god is about to move and his own way....We need to get ready for the move of god because its time for a change in ours lives cant be the same always........Let the lord have his way