The 3 Blind Mice Jailed!

Article by: Tyler Lipski

The cameras were able to catch pictures of the mice resisting the police by hitting them with canes as they were being arrested. The mice were seen robbing a convenient store holding the clerk at gunpoint. This would be a misdemeanor. They arrived at jail and bail was set at 10,000. This bail was payed off by Bill Gates himself. All the evidence was right there in front of the Grand Jury. Clearly there was enough evidence to bring them to court. That was there indictment. When the defendants arrived to court they were assigned a public defender because of their misdemeanor. The arraignment was approaching now was there chance to either plea guilty or not guilty. But if they agree to plea guilty they can do a plea bargain to get a shorter sentence. the first mice chose this option. Now the Petite Jury was to decide guilty or not guilty after the witness shows up to testify, but the witness never did so he was fined $600. This was called a subpoena. The prosecutor who was represented by a district attorney was still calling witnesses to the stands and still handing out evidence.The clerk was called to the stand and was placed under perjury. The judge reached verdict and convicted the three mice of Theft. The three blind mice were sentence to 6 years in prison. The mice decided to not appeal to the higher court