🌲The Piney🌲 Woods

By: Trevor and T.J.👍

About the piney woods...

The Piney Woods is a tropical and subtropical coniferous forest terrestrial ecoregion in the Southern United States covering 54,400 square miles of East Texas. The average rainfall of the piney woods is 32 to 50 inches per year. The elevation is from 100 ft. Above sea level up to 1000 ft. On ridges and peaks. The temperature is usually around the high 60's and low 70's.

Common animals and plants



Cotton mouths

Cotton tail rabbits



Red maples

Red mulberry

Eastern redbud

Long leaf pine

The major cities of the piney woods

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Endangered species (plants and animals)


Alligator snapping turtle (as shown above)

Red-cockaded woodpecker (also shown above)

Bachmans sparrow

Henslows sparrow

Northern scarlet snake


Tx trailing phlox

Tx ayenia

Tx snowbells

Walkers manioc

Johnostons frankenia