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Importance of Special Area Classes

Beyond they are required for successful completion of this school year at every grade level. We recognize that all of us are facing challenges and difficulty as the pandemic continues.

We want to assure you that the special areas are all tailoring instruction to be FUN and ENGAGING as much as possible.

In PE we do exercises, in library we read stories, in art we create works of art, and in music we sing songs and dance. We are all very flexible with our assignments and want our classes to be an enjoyable break from the rest of the curriculum, not a burden.

In times like these the arts can bring us together with great joy and help us express our emotions.

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Homerooms Still Need Parent Liasions/Classroom Buddies - Virtual Learning Model

Homerooms Still In Need Include:

  • Ms. Keffer
  • Ms. Myers
  • Ms. Hancheruk
  • Ms. Fisher
  • Ms. Kerns
  • Ms. Ratajczak
  • Ms. Schindler
  • Mr. Gieron
  • Ms. Hornberger
  • Ms. Sturkey
  • Mr. Tolerton

Parent Liasions/Classroom buddies will serve as liaisons between the PTA, the classroom teachers, and the families. The classroom teacher will select a responsible adult member to serve as classroom buddy. The position can be shared by more than one adult, if preferred. The PTA will provide a budget (to be determined) to support the work of the buddy. The goal of the classroom buddy is to facilitate access to information for all families.

Responsibilities during distance learning will include:

  1. Access to information. The classroom buddy will be available to draft emails (or phone messages if no email is available) to communicate information from the PTA regarding important SES events or classroom activities.
  2. School connection. The classroom buddy will attend virtual PTA meetings as often as possible in order to connect and stay informed regarding school news and PTA plans/events and share with the other families in the homeroom.
  3. Community building. The parent liasion/classroom buddy will participate in community building activities to lift spirits during virtual learning (i.e. mailing supportive notes; emailing messages to teachers; planning virtual classroom activities; periodic teacher appreciation gifts, etc.).

The role of class parent does not extend to issues relating to teaching or issues with individual students, but rather the whole class and enriching/social events for them all.

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Parents/Guardians Are Asked To Acknowledge The Behavior Handbook Electronically

Over the past several weeks, K-5 classrooms have reviewed the behavior handbook and the addendum for the virtual environment with either Ms. Malinowski or Ms. Looney. Both students and parents/guardians are asked to acknowledge the behavior handbook electronically.

Many students have completed this task in class. If your child still needs to acknowledge it, they should do so by visiting the folder on their homeroom page and completing the acknowledgement.

For your reference, the behavior handbook can be found on under the Student tab. The addendum that is specifically for the virtual environment can be located on your child’s homeroom page.

Directions for parents/guardians to acknowledge the behavior handbook are below.

If you need assistance setting up your BCPS One account, directions are below under the Technology Items: BCPS One Account Information.

To access BCPS One, go to BCPS One under the Parents tab on

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From The School Counselors (Ms. Kaminski and Ms. Leaf)

As part of our School Counseling Program, your child’s class will have the opportunity to engage in a synchronous counseling core curriculum lesson during the month of October on Bullying. This month’s topic explores what it means to be a bully and how to respond when you or someone else is being bullied. Additionally, students will learn about what it means to be a social justice advocate through discussions about segregation, race, and stereotypes. This lesson will be delivered live, but for students who want to refer to the resources during or after the lesson they will be provided in Schoology as well.

It is our hope that the core curriculum counseling lessons will help to promote the social emotional, academic, and career development of our students. We hope that you can help your child reflect on these lessons by discussing their content together. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the program. Mrs. Kaminski (K-2 counselor) can be reached via email at Ms. Leaf (3-5 counselor) can be reached via email at

Additional resources to aid in the discussion of this counseling lesson at home include:




BCPS and Stoneleigh Elementary Present Bullying Prevention Week Activities 10/19 - 10/23

In order to foster the participation of as many students, families, and staff as possible, everyone is encouraged to select either or both activities each day.

  • Monday, October 19th - Wear BLUE and/or bring a stuffed animal to school to show your support for the virtue of CIVILITY and demonstrating good manners. Can you find a stuffed animal that has some blue as well?
  • Tuesday, October 20th - Wear GREEN and/or create some fun hair to show your support for the virtue of EQUITY and fair play. Can you incorporate something green into your hairstyle?
  • Wednesday, October 21st - Wear ORANGE and/or super silly socks to show the virtue of UNITY and harmony! Try to incorporate something orange into your outfit!
  • Thursday, October 22nd - Wear RED and/or wear your pajamas to school to show your support for the the virtue of RESPECT and value. Do you have pajamas that have some red in them?
  • Friday, October 23rd - Wear PURPLE and/or celebrate your favorite sports team to show your support for the virtue of POSITIVITY and optimisim. Can you incorporate something purple into your sports attire?

*Be sure to check your Schoology counselor course to review the resources from our bullying prevention lessons this month!*

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From Play Centers

Play Centers Is Identified As An Academic Support Center

Play Centers can accept up to 26 students at the Stoneleigh Elementary Academic Support Center.

We understand that cost is a primary inhibitor for families, and also understand that many families may be seeking a one-on-one support for their child’s virtual learning, but we are thrilled to be able to helpful to at least some families!

The Maryland Child Care Scholarship (flyer below) covers the before and after school portion of the day for Maryland’s school-agers. This means that the family of a school-age child would not receive any xcholarship monies for the virtual learning portion of the day.

We have linked our families to the information regarding the supports to families being offered through Baltimore County dollars. Because this opportunity is new to us and is potentially temporary, we have directed our families and callers to the informational link provided on the BCPS website, That way families may have direct access to the folks who can assist each family with their individual needs, based on the family-related attributes and financial details specific to each individual family who is inquiring.

This is just such a difficult time financially for everyone, county-wide, state-wide, and nationally. If we get any information on any additional financial supports being made available to families in Baltimore County, though, we will definitely let families know, so access for more and more families potentially becomes possible.

Take care!


Ms. Diane Mellott

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Support handouts below:
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