RockSTARS FAB February!

February 2013

What a month! Started off with the Glam Getaway!

We kicked off the month with our Incentive Trip to Atlantis! Such an incredible weekend with Cara Cloyd, Sally Neff, Melissa Orders, Michelle Wiegman, Beth Pensabene, Missy Bryan and Nicole Walsh! Great beach, sand, sun and FUN! I have my eyes set on Puerto Vallarta for sure! Dreaming of October! :)

Track your way to the next incentive trip so we can ALL celebrate together in Puerto Vallarta in October 2013. Download the tracker below:

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Glam Getaway 2013 Level Achievers to date........

Level ONE Achievers:

Sally Neff

Stef Ott

Cara Cloyd

Gina Khalifa

Michelle Wiegman

Claire Ehrman

Barb Fogel

Cindy Rhodehamel

Colleen Lunsford

Leah Francisco

Ashley Jones

Kelie Ernst

Allyson Houchen

Nicole Walsh

Kristin Biggs

Mindy Foley

Lindsay Remley

Melanie Himsworth

LEVEL TWO Achievers!

Melissa Orders

Missy Bryan

Beth Pensabene

TOP 10 in Sales for FEBRUARY!

Look at these SALES! WooHoo! Way to rock it, RockSTARS!

Beth Pensabene (PA) $10,498

Gina Khalifa (PA) $ 8,243

Michelle Wiegman (OH) $ 6,563

Tara Lucas (KY) $ 6,367

Claire Ehrman (OH) $ 5,387

Colleen Lunsford (PA) $ 5,349

Allyson Houchen (PA) $ 5,026

Cindy Rhodehamel (OH) $ 5,005

Kelie Ernst (OH) $ 5,001

Sally Neff (CA) $ 4,891

TOP 10 in QUALIFIED Sponsoring!

These Stylists had a new Stylist that went on to sell $500 retail or more! CONGRATS on building your team even stronger and bigger!

Melissa Orders 5 qualified sponsors

Beth Pensabene 4

Sally Neff 3

Brooke Gallucci 2

Michelle Wiegman 2

Claire Ehrman 2

Colleen Lunsford 2

Sarah McNeely 2

Cindy Rhodehamel 2

Melanie Himsworth 2


What a fun month watching these PROMOTIONS unfold! It was such a thrill to see some really hard earned promotions happening! HUGE CONGRATS TO THESE STYLISTS.......

April Miller --Lead Stylist

Nina Lafferty--Lead Stylist

Jennifer Blair--Lead Stylist

Kendra Stephens--Lead Stylist

Paige Lauster--Lead Stylist

Jane Kearney--Lead Stylist

Christine Chambers--Lead Stylist

Leah Francisco--Sr Stylist

Colleen Lunsford--Sr Stylist

Sarah McNeely--Sr Stylist

Suzy Albert--Sr Stylist

Renschke Christians--STAR STYLIST!

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Way to sell $2,308 retail (1500pcv+) and earn an extra 5% commission on ALL sold! Plus....rack up business supply credits and be eligible for Home Office LEADS in March! WooHoo!
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MARCH is HERE! Let the MADNESS BEGIN..........

Watch the full BUZZ today in your inbox! There are amazing Hostess Perks and Stack Up the Jewels FREE JEWELRY PERKS! See the chart below!

Under SPONSORING.....for each person you sponsor that goes on to hold 2 qualified Trunk Shows, you earn $100 in product credits! (disregard the $1000 under "sponsored" lol). It's supposed to be a 1 sponsored.

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Join us for JOIE de VIVRE at Hoopla 2013! EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION $199 ends March 31st!

REGISTER for Hoopla by the end of March and receive an exclusive Hoopla tote with SWAG (worth $300) plus an extra $100 in product credits to use toward the New Fall Collection! You do not want to miss the ALL STYLIST celebration with amazing training, recognition and FUN! We will make sure that everyone finds a RockSTAR roommate to share the cost (rooms are $79/night at Bally and $99/night at Paris). So register TODAY, book your flight soon and get ready for your business to EXPLODE! See you in Vegas, baby!
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Have a ROCKIN' March!

Thanks for all you do! Whether your goal is ONE Trunk Show a month or ONE a week or ONE a day.........we love having you on our RockSTARS Team! Please know I am here to help each and every one of you reach your own personal goal. Feel free to email/message me at any time.

"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much" Helen Keller


Cindy Rhodehamel

Cindy Rhodehamel/Star Director & Founding Leader