CB East Patriot Players

December Newsletter

Happy December, Patriot Players!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of A Christmas Carol on four successful performances--we truly set the stage for the holiday season! Although the show is over, the curtains aren't closed yet! We have a busy month of December ahead, leading right into Mary Poppins. Please familiarize yourself with the important dates and times below, and please note the changes from the original calendar:

Wednesday 12/2/15: Rehearse all Grease numbers (dance and vocals) 2:45-4:30

Thursday 12/3/15: No practice! (rescheduled)

Friday 12/4/15: Shakin' at the High School Hop and We Go Together 2:45-5:00

Saturday 12/5/15: We Go Together 9:00-11:00; Hopelessly Devoted and There Are Worse Things I Could Do 11:00-12:00

Thursday 12/10/15: Mary Poppins Meeting! (audition info and music) 2:45-4:30

Friday 12/11/15: Grease rehearsal, all dances 2:45-5:00

Friday 12/18/15: Grease rehearsal, Mooning 2:45-5:00

Saturday 12/19/15: Grease rehearsal, all dances 9:00-10:00; Holiday Party 10:00-12:00

Patriot Players Holiday Party!

What would the holiday season be without a Patriot Players company party? On December 19th, right after Grease rehearsal, our festivities will begin!

Please bring an ugly Christmas (or Hanukkah) sweater to change in to after rehearsal; we will have an ugly sweater competition, and prizes will be given out :) If you have any other holiday gear to enhance your outfit and show your spirit, please bring/wear it as well!

We will be providing food and holiday treats--if you have any food allergies, please let us know.

Be ready for festive games and challenges! We are keeping the specifics a secret for now, but be prepared for fun activities :)

A Successful Fall Production

Thank you to everyone who made A Christmas Carol such a phenomenal show. Congratulations on all of your success both individually and as a company. Check out some of the photos from the show, as well as the link to the Patriot Players music video on YouTube :)
Patriot Players "A Christmas Carol" Cast/Crew Music Video

Mary Poppins Is Coming Soon!

Mary Poppins is flying in, and we hope you plan to be a part of the company! With rehearsals beginning January 11th, the following dates are crucial to note:

Thursday 12/10: Mary Poppins Meeting (learn audition music), 2:45-4:30

Tuesday 1/5/16: Dancing and singing audition, 2:45-5:30

Thursday 1/7/16: Singing and acting audition, 2:45-5:30

Friday 1/8/16: Call backs and children's audition, 2:45-6:00

The cast list will be posted Sunday, January 10th and rehearsals begin the next day. Audition forms and character descriptions can be found on the patriot player webpage. We hope to see plenty of new and familiar faces on December 10th! :)

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Audition selections for MARY POPPINS are now available on our webpage! Please note that there are multiple selections from which to choose. You may pick ONE for the first audition date. Mr. Villante will review all music on Thursday, December 10, in the auditorium, 2:45 pm. Also, please note, we have included recordings of each music selection! Please refer to the MARY POPPINS AUSTRALIAN CAST LIVE RECORDING as a reference for correct style, tempos and songs.

Disney and Grease

Disney 2016 is coming soon! You can fundraise through sponsorship forms which can be found on the Patriot Players website--don't forget to turn those in!

There is no payment due in the month of December; however, the final payment is due in January. Please see the registration website (linked below) for more information.

Grease rehearsals continue throughout December--all cast and crew going to Disney must attend!
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