Bobby Jones

By: Luke Crawford

All about Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones was born on March 17, 1902 in Atlanta, Georgia. As a child, Bobby watched Stewart Maiden who played golf. After he would watch him, he would go home and try to copy and practice Maiden’s swing. Bobby Jones was 14 years old when he won his first championship as a golfer. He also won the U.S. Amateur Championship at the Merion Cricket club in pennsylvania. Bobby Jones grew to be a professional golfer. He got degrees from harvard university. As an adult Bobby jones won a total of 13 championships, but he surprisingly retired at the age of 28. Mr. Jones wrote a book about golf in his life. It is called, “Down the Fairway”. Bobby won 4 U.S. opens in his career. Bobby Jones was a big impact in culture in the 20’s, specifically on sports and heroes. He strengthened the sports culture and the golf culture itself. Golf became more popular and entertaining. As Bobby got older, he was diagnosed with Syringomyelia, “a fluid-filled cavity in his spinal cord which causes first pain, the paralysis. Mr. Jones will always be remembered for his skills in the sport of golf. He will always be a legend, and will always be remembered.

Photos of Bobby Jones