Stop Motion Basics

Simple and Easy Tips For Beginners


Making your very first stop motion animation? Or maybe just going for something easy, simple, and fun? Well, this is the right place to learn the basic steps on how to make a simple yet creative stop motion animation.


Think of a simple story. Don't imagine a whole fairy take with prequels and sequels and cliffhangers unless your going for something really complex. (Check out the tips and tricks for complex stop motion animations.)

There's always a good way on how to make record of your ideas. You can:

  • Jot down on a piece of paper
  • Draw it
  • Make a mental storage

Plan It Out

Make a script or a storyboard or both. You might not have talking characters but you have to make a script for jotting down what they're thinking about and what they are about to do.

A storyboard is to plan out what will happen in your story. You can draw the characters and plan out their actions.

If you don't plan it out, then there is a big chance you might not get a really good stop motion animation. If you're really in a hurry or cramming to get a project done, you can skip the planning (but remember my warning!) and go right into filming.


You have to make sure that you have the right background and props to make a good stop motion animation. You can go for a plain background like a glass table or a piece of parchment paper- almost anything works! You only have to make sure that you have the right background for your story. Don't put a pink flowery background when filming a sad story!

Some backgrounds I use are copy paper (although clay will stain it), a glass surface, wooden surface, and marble tiles.

The Stars

Don't forget your characters! This is the most important thing that makes up the video. Once you've planned out the characters that you wanna make, start forming them or assembling them.