Yeshas, Xavier, Joseph, and Alishba

Amazing Apaches

Welcome to our Awesome Apache Flyer!

In this flyer, you will see the Apaches appearance, their shelter and geographical location, what they ate, and their customs/traditions/and ceremonies. Hope you enjoy our "Amazing Apache" flyer!


  • All of the Apaches parted their hair.Apache men wore their hair loose and let it flow even down to their waist .
  • Women wore their hair tied back or gathered in two bunches at the side of their head.

Shelter and Geographical location-

The Apaches lived in the Southwestern U.S near Arizona. They built and lived in tepees. The tepees were built with light poles, buffalo skin, and stool stalks. Another part of the Apaches lived in wickiups. Wickiups were built with saplings. Wickiups were tepees made with hay in-and-out. They are basically tepees made with tamarisk, cottonwood, oak, and sumac


  • The Apache hunted deer, rabbits, elk, and other animals
  • Apache ate buffalo's on diets and they were also the main food source.
  • They ate vegetables,roots, nuts, and leaves from cactus. As well as corn, beans, pumpkins, squash, melons, and chili peppers.

Customs/Traditions/and Ceremonies-

  • The Apache put the baby on the cradle board then picked the baby up then hope it would turn into a great man!
  • The ceremonies was to welcome a girl into womanhood.


We hope you enjoyed our Apache flyer!!!


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