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Thursday 28th April, 2022

From the Principal's Desk…

Hi Parents and Carers,

Welcome back, it’s so nice to know that we will be face to face and no remote learning. As you would have heard we no longer need to wear masks at school, or stay home if someone at home contracts COVID. However, if that does happen, staff and students do need to do a RAT every day before we come to school. RATs will continue to be delivered to schools for the first four weeks of Term two and we have had a delivery this week so you can expect more tests to be coming home with your child/ren.

On Wednesday this week we said farewell to one of our most respected and loved staff members, Margaret Balsdon. Marg has been part of the education support team at HPS for the past eight years and has left us to pursue a new career as a train driver. On behalf of the school community, I would like to thank her for the tremendous work she has done assisting so many of our students and staff over the years. Marg will be greatly missed by everyone. I know that everyone wishes her well in her new career.

So many great things are planned for this term, which is sure to be an action packed nine weeks. We start off this week with our Cross Country on Friday, thank you to Ali Bryan for excellent organisation and all the staff who have supported this event. I am sure we will see many of you there supporting and helping.

It has been a challenging start for some of our staff and families with the change over to the new school management system COMPASS. All of these are just teething issues and we will find this system far easier and accommodating in the long run. If you have any issues, please contact Louise or Linda in the office and they will be able to assist you. The app on our phones makes things much easier than SENTRAL ever did.

This term we started off with a great show of support at the Healesville ANZAC Day march on Monday. Thank you to all our families and staff who attended. It was terrific to see photographs from the March, and also the Dawn Service, of our School Captains supported by Marlene Williams. On Tuesday at school, all the captains ran a special assembly for the students and staff to commemorate ANZAC Day. There was a special wreath made with rosemary laid by Eloise and Josh at our Memorial Gates. Then all the students and staff laid a sprig of rosemary. I would like to thank the captains for their explanation of the importance of ANZAC Day and for the poem they shared. It was extremely well done.

On Wednesday we had a PACH meeting and again I would like to thank all the parents who attended and put their hands up to support the school by volunteering. It has been decided to run a Mother’s Day Breakfast on Thursday 5th May. We would like to invite all our mothers and special people to attend with their child/ren to have breaky at school, participate in a couple of fun activities and celebrate Mother’s Day. We will start at 8am and finish by 9am. I look forward to seeing lots of you there.

In week three this term it is NAPLAN week for our grade three and five students. These students will be completing the tests online for the first time. All the grade five tests are online: Reading, Language Conventions, Writing and Numeracy. Our grade three students will write the Writing test by hand but complete Reading, Language Conventions and Numeracy online. All teachers in these levels are working to prepare our students for these tests.

At the end of last term, we purchased seventy laptops for use in grades three to six. This means that with the current number of laptops already purchased and with the new ones, each student in grade three to six will be assigned a laptop for their exclusive use at school. I would like to thank Sharon Gellert our STEM teacher for organising this. Sharon came in throughout the holidays to set up these computers, so we can use them as soon as the agreements have been signed by parents and students. Expect to see an agreement coming home very shortly. Most of the ipads will now be relocated for the prep, grade one and two students to use.

On Friday May 13th we are holding a special assembly at 2:30pm in the gym to launch our Let’s Talk Program. Earlier this year all staff undertook training to implement this program. We have also had students in grades four, five and six trained as Let’s Talk Buddies. Parents will have an opportunity to meet and listen to Jetha Devapura who is the CEO of the Let’s Talk Organisation, some of our Mentors (staff) and Buddies (students) as they explain what the program is and what it means for us at HPS. I would like to invite any parents who are available, to come along and help us launch this program. I will send home further information closer to the date.

Take care,


Please note all dates/events are subject to change.

Friday 29th April - House Cross Country

Thursday 5th May - Mothers Day & Special Person BBQ Breakfast

Monday 16th May - Tuesday 24th May - 5/6 Swimming Lessons

Wednesday 25th May - Divisional Cross Country

Monday 13th June - Queens Birthday, Public Holiday

Student Awards

Prep B

Aston A - Learning Award

Emma N - Learning Award

Prep H

Abaan R. – Learning Award

Logan H. – Learning Award


Tyson C - Learning award


Ethan S – Confidence Award

Eric L – Community Award

Harvey W – Respect Award


Chase R - Respect Award - for working hard to maintain positive relationships with his classmates and teacher. Thank you Chase for sharing your caring and thoughtful personality with us.

Lillian R - Learning Award - for a fantastic persuasive text with well-considered reasons for us to cut back our electricity consumption. Well done!

Lewis C - Learning Award- for a fantastic persuasive text with compelling and entertaining arguments to not kill sharks.


Sophie A - Learning Award - Wonderful effort in writing up an interesting persuasive argument in our writing sessions.

Zeke L - Confidence Award - Enthusiastically being part of our class sessions, taking an interest in what we’re doing and contributing well.


Evan S - Learning award - for being a highly engaged learner.

Evan H - Community award - for always being ready to learn and for contributing to an effective learning environment.


Eloise S – for always taking pride in her work

Isla C – for being proactive and always helping out in the classroom

Indigo M– Kindness award for always helping others and showing empathy.


Education Support Employee - Margaret B - For her wonderful support and companionship towards our students.

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Community Corner

Meet our captains

Interview with Yarra House Captain – Makenna

What do you see as our role as a house captain?

I see myself as a leader for younger and older students in Yarra. I see myself as a person to encourage and help people in need.

What are some things you do out of school?

Footy, swimming and skating.

What is your favourite food and why?

Pasta because there are all different types and it’s yum! I also like watermelon.

What would your dream job be?

To play in the AFLW.

What would your dream holiday be?

To go to Bali or Japan.

Interview with Chum House Captain – Patrick

What do you see as our role as a house captain?

My role is to be a leader in class and always help people to have fun and do their best.

What are some things you do out of school?

Play football, cricket and playing with my dogs.

What is your favourite food and why?

Sushi. It tastes good and is healthy

What would your dream job be?

Play for the A.F.L.

What would your dream holiday be?

Japan because of sushi.

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Privacy Collection Notice

Information for students, parents and carers.
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Tennis Coaching - Free Trial

Please book in via the contacts below - all ages abilities welcome

WAYNE BROOM - ph - 0437008788 www.classictennis.com.au

Tennis Australia/USPTA Club Professional Coach


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COVID Resources


Emerging Minds COVID-19 translated resources
These COVID-19 resources have been translated into 18 languages and are available for you to share with the parents and families you work with.

Vaccine development: a guide for families | Raising Children Network
This informative guide from Raising Children Network provides clear and reliable information on how the COVID-19 vaccine development and approval process ensures safety, effectiveness and quality.

COVID Testing in Yarra Ranges

Staying informed about COVID expsoure sites
Here you'll find the current list of COVID-19 exposure sites
This website/app provides a handy visual to stay abreast of new exposures - https://covid19nearme.com.au/state/vic


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