Team Howlers Newsletter

Week of February 8 - B Week

School News & Important Dates:

  • February 12 - AM Car Rider Line - Krispy Kreme Fundraiser
  • February 12 - WEATHER MAKE-UP DAY for Friday, January 22
  • February 15 - President's Day Holiday - No School for Teachers or Students
  • February 24- Chick-fil-A Spirit Night - Baxter Location - 5-8PM

Team Howlers News:

Parent Portal Information:

Please make sure you check Parent Portal ( to see how your child is doing in his/her classes. If you should have a question about grades, please contact your child’s teacher directly.

Weather Make-Up Day:

The weather make-up day for last Friday will be Friday, February 12. This was originally scheduled as a teacher workday.


Mr. Donnelly -

GT Math Website Address -

Regular (Grade Level) Math Website Address -

Regular Math will Finish the unit on Percent’s and then discuss Proportionality. We will have a performance task on Thursday that will cover as a quiz on percent’s. Friday we will begin our unit on Geometry.

Regular Math Tutoring Times:

Webster: Tuesday 7:40 – 8:05 AM

Adldoost: Wednesday 7:40 – 8:05 AM

Donnelly: Wednesday 11:05 – 11:30 AM

Regular Math Homework:

Monday: digits 12-4; Prob 1 - 10

Tuesday: digits 12-1 Prob 1 - 10

Wednesday: Unit 12-2: 1 - 10

Thursday: None

Friday: None

This week GT Math will be finishing Percent’s and have performance task on Thursday using percent’s. The performance task will cover as the quiz on percent’s. We will be begin our next unit on Geometry on Friday.

GT Math Tutoring Times:

Donnelly: Monday 11:05 – 11:30 AM

Adldoost: Tuesday 7:40 – 8:05 AM

Webster: Thursday 7:40 – 8:05 AM

GT Math Homework:

Monday: digits 12-4: Prob 1 – 10

Tuesday: digits 3-1 (7th Grade): Prob 1 - 10

Wednesday: digits 3-2 (7th Grade): Prob 1 - 10

Thursday: None

Friday: None


Ms. Lyle -

GT Science Website Address -

Grade Level Science Website Address -

This week in science we will be reviewing for our science test on Wednesday of this week. Then we will spend the rest of the week learning about plant classification and characteristics.

Homework: Study guide due Wednesday

Assessment: 2/10 Characteristic of living organisms test

Language Arts:

Mrs. Munn -

3rd & 4th Periods (GT) Website Address -

5th & 6th Periods (Grade Level) Website Address -

We are finishing up our propaganda unit this week. Students will be given a study guide in class on Tuesday to complete for an upcoming propaganda quiz on Thursday. On Wednesday, students will also be given information about a Valentine's Day Propaganda Group project that will be due on Friday. Students are continuing to read their novels.

Last Thursday, I gave the students their Research Unit tests back. I told them for this test they could make corrections on a separate sheet of paper, staple it to the original test, and get a parent signature to receive partial credit back. Everyone has this opportunity. The test corrections should be turned in to me by this Thursday.

I am just about done grading all of the career research papers. My goal is to be done by this Wednesday. At that time, I will update my grade book with all of the career information as well as the first novel quizzes that the students took last week. Thank you so much for your patience with this.

Once and Future King by T. H. White - GT Classes Only (3rd and 4th Periods):

Students will be reading and responding to Chapters 6-8 of Once and Future King Part 1 this week. Students reflective journals and quiz will be on Thursday of this week.

Crispin: The Cross of Lead by Avi -Grade Level Classes Only (5th & 6th Periods):

Students will be reading and responding to Chapters 6-13 of Crispin: The Cross of Lead this week. Students reflective journals and quiz will be on Friday of this week. Several students did not turn in Chapters 1-5 of their reflective journals last week. They need to make sure they have all 13 chapters done by this Friday.

3rd 9 Weeks Independent Reading Project: Students are to select a novel to read independently this nine weeks. Students should show this novel to me to make sure that it is approved. All students went to the media center last week to check out books. Students were given a sheet on today, explaining the project. Students will have to complete one 60 point and one 40 point activity for the book they are reading. There are several activities for the students to choose from. This project will be due on Friday, March 11. Here is a link to the information about this project that students were given in class at the beginning of the nine weeks:

If your child needs some help choosing a book to read, he/she can come to me for some suggestions or you may go to - there are several options to search by such as: similar book to one they liked or by series.


GT Classes Only:

Monday to Wednesday:

*Read Chapters 6-8 of The Once and Future King: Part One

*Complete Reflective Journal Questions for Chapters 6-8 of The Once and Future King: Part One

Grade Level Classes Only:

*Read Chapters 6-13 of Crispin: The Cross of Lead

*Complete Reflective Journal Questions for Chapters 6-13 of Crispin: The Cross of Lead

Upcoming Tests and Projects:

Thursday, February 11:

*Propaganda Quiz

*Research Paper Test Correction Due for Partial Credit

*GT ONLY: Quiz on Chapters 6-8 of Once and Future King: Part 1

Friday, February 12:

*Valentine's Day Propaganda Project Due

*Grade Level ONLY: Quiz on Chapters 5-13 of Crispin: The Cross of Lead

Friday, March 11: 3rd Quarter Reading Project due

Social Studies:

Mr. Pauley -

GT Social Studies Website Address -

Grade Level Social Studies Website Address -

This week we will be learning about Middle Ages Japan. On Monday we will be reading about its feudal system and comparing/contrasting it to the one in place in Western Europe. Tuesday will be focused on its main religion, Shintoism, and its beliefs and rituals. On Wednesday the students will be introduced to and create their own Japanese accomplishments such as calligraphy, origami, and tanka poetry. On Wednesday we will spend most of our time reviewing for Friday’s exam. Study guides are due on Friday before the test.