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We have a wide collection of Bamboo clothing to suit your needs. Why buy Bamboo? Bamboo is very sustainable, and comfortable. It provides more oxygen than trees. The cloth made from bamboo is very soft like silk or satin, it’s very absorbent to retain moisture and makes it very breathable. Bamboo is very eco-friendly and provides for more oxygen to reduce carbon dioxide in the environment. That makes wearing our Bamboo collection healthier and greener for you. Check out our Bamboo collection today by going to our website at t-o-s-c-h for more information. All of our products are made in the United States and are machine washable. They are sustainable, and provide the most comfort to make you feel confident and able to conquer your day without the worries that other clothing normally provide. Stop by our website today.

Our Bamboo Collection

Our bamboo dresses are all organically made and come in a variety of sizes and colors. There are long sleeve, sleeveless, and short sleeve. These bamboo dresses come in colors that make it easy to match with your favorite necklace and earrings or a simple cardigan. They are very comfortable and are made of sustainable and organic bamboo from United States. Each bamboo dress is authentically produced for the most breathable highest quality and most luxorious feel. If your tired of the uncomfortable clumping and sweat that other dresses cause, then do yourself a favor and get a bamboo dress. Stroll through our bamboo collection at t-o-s-c-h and find your perfect match. There’s no better way to say what needs said than with this dress!

Bamboo is organic, soft, and breathable

There’s no reaching a higher level of comfort than with our soft, silky bamboo collection. If you need the ultimate in comfort without sacrificing the best in looks, go to t-o-s-c-h and check out our website. Our bamboo collection gives you the ultimate in comfort with breathable, sustainable, organic bamboo that’s sure to keep you dancing the night away. Our bamboo collection can be paired with your favorite fashion scarf, cardigan, or a necklace and ear ring set. Whether you wear heels or flats, the bamboo collection will keep you comfortable and looking on your toes. Light up the night in these soft, silky and sustainable dresses. Available in soft, sensual colors to help set the mood for whatever the occasion may be. No need to worry whether to wear your hair up or down, no matter how you wear it, the dress will make you stand out from the crowd and provide the most ultimate in comfort and sustainability. Our bamboo collection is machine washable, made of organic bamboo, and available to purchase online by accessing our website. Come look around and find that one of a lifetime outfit that will surely please. Visit us today at t-o-s-c-h

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T-O-S-C-H is an American based company, our clothing is all made in America, manufacture in Los Angeles and New York.

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