Solar panels


Dutch CIS installation completed with FlatFix Fusion mounting

Esdec BV equipped its FlatFix Fusion mounting system for the most important CIS flat roof PV system in European country. The system consists out of over 5500 star Frontier panels with a complete power of 850Kwp and covers over thirteen.000m2. The

Belgian project developer Ikaros star United Nations agency put in the system selected the FlatFix Fusion system owing to the low roof load, the distinctive options such a integrated cable management and therefore the easy installation. The system was put in in record time and was finished before schedule. Find more about solar panels here Ghank solar panels .

Esdec BV develops, manufactures and provides skilled mounting systems for star panels, known as ClickFit and FlatFix.

Our innovative mounting systems square measure completely different as a result of they're straightforward to put in, while not compromising on the dependableness and sturdiness of the merchandise. this is often helpful for the ultimate quality and longevity of the PV system.

ClickFit and FlatFix mounting systems are extensively tested by recognized testing institutes, like TUV geographic area, DNW (wind tunnel), BRE, and are, amongst others, certified consistent with the Dutch Building Decree and therefore the MCS012 by NQA.

Since the institution of Esdec BV in 2004, over 3 million star panels with a combined capability of over 500MWp are put in on ClickFit and FlatFix mounting structures. Esdec BV is that the largest Dutch manufacturer of solar battery mounting systems.