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Atomic Number

The atomic number of seaborgium is 106.


The seaborgium symbol looks like this: Sg

Name of Element


atomic mass

The weight of seaborgium is 266 (Ar)

Classification of Element

The classification of seaborgium is a transition metal


The period of seaborgium is7, and the group is 6

where is it found and how is it obtained from nature

Seaborgium was first found in a laboratory in California. Seaborgium is not found in the free environment since it is a synthetic element.

brief history

Seaborgium was originally discovered in a laboratory in Berkley, California.It was named after a chemist named Glenn T. Seaborg. This was the first element to be named after someone who was still alive.

physical properties

  • 106 protons
  • 106 electrons
  • Half-life
  • Radioactive
  • 7 energy levels

Chemical Reactions

Much like tungsten, it does not react with acid, water, air, and bases.

Uses and applications

Based on scientific research, seaborgium has yet no uses.


What is the atomic number of seaborgium?

What is the classification of seaborgium?

What is the weight of seaborgium?

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