My Smore Flyer

Kyleigh couch

Words that describe me

  • affectionate
  • anxious
  • moody
  • territorial
  • gregarious
  • athletic
  • equestrian
  • enthusiastic
  • awkward
  • sociable


  • YouTuber
  • Equestrian activities
  • Competitive Cheer

Biggest Influences

  • My bonds with my horses
  • Having 3 family business
  • My role model Brittany
  • Having Ryan as on of my best friends, because of his special needs
  • Living with my grandparents
  • Social Media
  • Living with Anxiety
  • The passing of my friend Brooke Deckard
  • My religion

Favorite Book and Movie

Book: The Twilight series

Movie: Never Back Down

Places I've been that have a on Impact me

  • Branson, Missouri because it has inspired me to do trick riding.
  • California because it has impacted my bond with my horses, when we ride there.
  • Vegas because I met my idol, Tuff Cooper, there. At the NFR, a competition I want to compete in.


“Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.”-Marilyn Monroe

This quote fits me because I believe that everything happens for a reason and we should find something positive in every situation.

Tia & I

Tia is my best friend and impacts my life alot


Softball is one of my favorite sports.


Even though I no longer attend Blue Ridge schools, I still show lots of spirit. I make it to almost every game of an sport.


I love cheer and tumbling. I am taking tumbling classes at Nexus, and might try out for competitive again.


This is a couple of horses that are rescues. We had a photographer take these pictures fo us. They are messed up emotionally and it's my job to fix them. (:
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Poem that Describes me

My Best Friend

by Amanda Kavin

It wasn't long ago that I was another person
I was quiet and shut people out for no reason
I would smile but it wouldn't symbolize happiness
Then one day I met a friend that would soon be my best

She made me happy and opened me up without even knowing
We always had so much fun, it was clear where this friendship was going
When I needed her the most she was always there
We always had so many laughs and cries to share

Every time we talked or laughed the more we would bond
Girl, you know that you always have my shoulder to cry on
If only you knew how important you being my friend means to me
I hope that we are forever "Manda Bear" and "Linzi-Bee.

This poem describes me because Tia and Samantha turned my life upside down(: