Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

By James Patterson

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Reviewed by Jacque Waters

Maximum Ride: A fierce, loyal, and courageous leader. Max is an average fourteen year old girl on the outside, but if you take a deeper look at her, you will see she is nothing like the rest of us. She has five others just like her, whom she counts as family. They're all 98% human, the other 2% has changed their lives in many ways. The thing that separates Max and her "family" from the rest of us, is that 2% was of avian DNA that caused them to have wings. The flock consists of Max, Fang, and Iggy, who are all fourteen, Nudge who is twelve, The Gasman, who is eight, and Angel, who is six.

Throughout this thrilling novel, we follow the flock on their first mission in an eight part series. The youngest of the six, Angel, was kidnapped by Erasers, human-wolf hybrids, and taken back to "The School". The book goes on throughout their whole adventure to save Angel, and provides many clues for what is to come. Through scenes of family love, fighting, and heartbreak, this book keeps its readers on the edge of their seat wanting more with each flip of the page

When I finished this novel, I was saddened. I never want to leave my newly adopted family. Luckily I have seven more books that I can indulge in on, but I know one thing is for sure: Max and her flock are just at the beginning of a journey that could explain it all. Reading their story gives me hope for everyone out there, and I know for sure I will not stop thinking about what could happen until I have finished all eight books.

Maximum Ride Movie Trailer 2013 (Fan Made)

Maximum Ride Movie Trailer 2013