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The Laws of Belief

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As we've worked together throughout summer and during workshop these past few weeks, I have felt a sense of belonging, an abundance of pride, and an eminent desire to feel better, do better, and be better. As you know, I am over the top excited to be part of our Richmond/ROCORI team, part of something more than four walls surrounding students and adults busy with daily, mundane routine. We are a group of organized, educated, passionate people working together to help our students succeed. As weekly updates arrive, look for this section to include research-based, useful suggestions for use in our daily practice and interactions. Let us begin with "You Matter."

According to Top Twenty authors, "Every student enters the school building each day as a person" (p. 57). Authors suggest we begin creating a revolution through three valuable resources crucial to student learning: Name, Voice, and Belonging.

Name: Identifying a student's name engages learning. Do this every day. Greet your students. Create a relationship.

Voice: Voice represents a student's presence. Allow students to speak. Provide opportunity for every student to speak. Group. Regroup. Establish changes in protocol.

Belonging: Provide an open environment in which students feel safe. Acknowledge levels of comfort, diversity among us, and the fear of taking risks.

Four at the Door is a process that takes the philosophy of engagement one step further, and works as follows: The teacher stands at the door and greets their students by including the following suggested points:

  • Name to Name: The teacher greets the student and uses their name, engaging student learning.
  • Eye to Eye: The teacher isn’t looking at their phone or computer screen. Give the student eye contact to show them you see them as a human and that they matter.
  • Hand to Hand: The teacher offers some form of appropriate human contact like a high five, a fist bump, a handshake, etc. Keep in mind cultural norms to ensure touch is acceptable and/or appropriate.
  • Heart to Heart: The teacher mentions something to the student about their world. For example, the teacher could comment on the new movie that just came out, or last night’s basketball game, or anything that is of interest to that student that shows that they are known and matter.

Richmond Elementary MCA Assessment Data

Well done, Team! Note the averages listed below...

Math State: 58.7 ROCORI: 63.7 Richmond: 73.2

Reading State: 60.2 ROCORI: 65.5 Richmond: 63.4

Science State: 60.0 ROCORI: 61.5 Richmond: 79.2


Thank you to the Chloe Rogge for painting the ROCORI emblem on our walls! As stated by Mary Huot, "This will be so appreciated by our schools and community for years to come!"

Chloe Rogge with her artwork, part of her National Honor Society status volunteer hours.

What Team Richmond Does...

From serving kids a hot meal and putting band aids on boo boos to teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic, YOU are valued. YOU are appreciated. YOU MATTER. As we begin our first day of class Tuesday, please remember this powerful thought process from workshop last week: I believe in ME, I believe in WE, I believe in US and I encourage you to do the same! Let's make this year one our students will always remember!!

Welcome Back! First Week Important Dates

September 5: First Day of School! Discovery Day for Kindergarten

September 6: First Day of School for Kindergarten!

September 7: Friday Folders home for the first time this year!

OUR WEEK AT A GLANCE September 4-8


  • Office Closed: Labor Day
  • Office Open
  • First Day of School
  • Discovery Day for Kindergarten
  • Office Open
  • First Day of School for Kindergarten
  • Office Open
  • Office Open