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January 26, 2018 Issue 21

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Check out Your PATH to a Brighter FUTURE at Scott2!

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IMPORTANT: The end 3rd Grading Period has been moved to March 16th.

Coming Soon...

January 26- PBIS Prize Party & 3rd Grade BUG Party

February 2- Groundhog Day

February 5-8- School Counselor Appreciation Week!

February 5 @ 6:00 PM- Terry Hall Adult Presentation Austin High School Auditorium

February 8- Terry Hall Presentation

February 12-16- Random Acts of Kindness Week (ROAK)

February 14- Mobile Dentist

February 16- Jump Rope for Heart

March 16- End of Grading Period

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Please keep those Box Tops coming! We need you to continue to send in Box Tops! Our next competition will end on Friday, March 16. The class with the most collected will win an ice cream party!

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Happy Birthday to YOU!

January 27-

Tracy South

January 28-

Gavin Jackson

Kendra Jones

Coen Baldwin

Sandy Bess

January 29-

Byronn Rider

January 30-

Josiah Guffey

Marc Slaton

February 1

Sherry Stout

BINGO Night Fun!

More Heimlich Heros!

Indoor Recess Fun!
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Terry Hall will be presenting his body safety program to all students in all schools in Scott County during the week of Feb. 5. There will be an adult presentation on Monday February 5th at 6pm at Austin High School Auditorium. Any adult who has children or helps with children is encouraged to attend that event. He will be presenting at VFES on Thursday February 8th. If you wish for your child to not see the program, please send in a written note addressed to Mrs. Barrett.

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SchoolMessenger now requires all users to opt-in to receive text messages. You should have received a text message on the Wednesday asking you to opt-in to receive messages. This is very important. Please follow the steps below to opt-in and continue to be notified of important school related events.

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You can also download the new Scott County School District 2 app! It's a great way to stay connected!

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Girls 2018 Elementary Basketball Game Schedule

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We have a great new way to keep in touch at VFES! EventLink!

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Tentative Vienna-Finley Calendar

Please note that these are only anticipated dates and are subject to change.
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Updated School Calendar 2017-2018

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The YMCA is cancelled during early dismissal days. More information will be coming from the YMCA.

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Popcorn Fridays!

If you would like your child to receive popcorn, please send in a $1 before 9:00, so we can begin popping and distributing the bags.

The funds generated are donated to a different local agency each month.

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