By Macey Cwiklowski


The process of freezing humans with extremely low temperatures who have once died of a disease that can't be cured, and try to find a cure for them.

The Importance of Cryogenics to Humans and Society

Cryogenics helps society in many ways, it has developed to multiple things like cryosurgery, cryonics, and cryopreservation. All things help in different fields in different ways.

Cryogenics also helps humans, by freezing certain people to help find cures for very bad diseases and to help some people who don't want to die be frozen and live longer.

Ethical Concerns

Some people might say that if you ever wanted to get cryogenically frozen so you could maybe be revived one day that it is egotistical and selfish. Also there are other things that people can spend their money on that can help other people who need help in this world. Most are concerned that this is not a very helpful way to go about things , because what if they can't bring you back to life and you wasted your money on something pointless.

History of Cryogenics

1845- Michael Faraday had managed to liquefy most permanent gases then known to exist. His procedure consisted of cooling the gas by immersion in a bath of ether and dry ice and then pressurizing the gas until it liquefied. After that most scientists tried to liquify air and could never figure out why it wouldn't freeze. Eventually after many years of research they started to conduct more and more ways of how to freeze many things in this world.

Cryogenics in Other Areas of Science

Cryogenics in the Future

In the future they hope that cryogenics and scientists will be able to bring people back alive and cure their diseases and help them live a longer life or to see everything that has transformed in the future years.

How Cryogenics affects My Peers and I

Cryogenics helps out many different fields of work, and whichever one my peers or I choose we can most likely turn to cryogenics for help. You can always count on it in certain fields of medical areas.


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