RMS Weekly Events Calendar

February 15 - February 19

What's Going On This Week!!

Whew! Last week was a very busy week at RMS! I hope you enjoyed a well deserved holiday on Monday. This week looks like it might not be quite as busy. Thanks to all of you for your work on giving the ACT Aspire Interim benchmark tests. I encourage you to dig deep into the assessment data, share the results with your students, have students graph their data, and plan your instructional activities to address areas of academic concern.

As we approach the next few weeks, we will be getting your input and form committees to guide us in making decisions for the next school year. Several of you have already volunteered to be a part of our student motivation committee and we are very appreciative. I saw the following quote and thought it described the faculty at RMS.

The best ability is responsibility. Nothing happens until someone steps forward and says, "You can count on me."

...John Maxwell

We are so thankful that we can count on the faculty and staff at RMS and your willingness to go the extra mile!

Monday, February 15

  • President's Day Holiday - No school!

Tuesday, February 16

  • Progress reports will be sent home today. Please give them out in 5th period.

Wednesday, February 17

  • No known activities

Thursday, February 18

  • No known activities

Friday, February 19

  • Samuel Training - 9:00 a.m. - Florence, AL