Sh** Happens, Babies Are Born

By. Asia Williams

Teen Pregnancy

BABIES ! BABIES, EVERYWHERE ! In between the years 2014-2015 the teen pregnancy rate has HIT THE ROOF. You might notice them in your school or even in your neighborhood or you even might be a teen parent. Young and unprepared,Forced to take on responsibilities at a young age because shit happens.

Author Information

My name is Asia Williams, I am a Sophomore in high school. Teen pregnancy is everywhere at my school. My closest friend is young and pregnant. A lot of people who aren't in they're predictiment speak on what they would have done or what they do in order to not be pregnant but no one can really say what they can or will do until it actually happens to them. These main three teens i spoke about today know they life will changed or has changed drastically but shit happens and they won't let that stop them on improve.