Trip To England

Much Help Needed

The Reasoning Behind It All

I would like to adventure to England. Not only to explore the beautiful places, but to learn about them as well. I would like to visit popular places and historic places and journal about my encounters and experiences. England interests me i would love to learn the customs, there's just so much to learn in such as little time as Two weeks. Not only wpuld i like to provide myself with all of this beautiful knowledge i absorb about England but i will share my knowledge with others who are curious as well.

I Would Like To Start Out In London

Saturday, May 30th 2015 at 7am to Saturday, June 13th 2015 at 9:15am

Would like to take a plane from Kansas City Intl, MO airport to London Metropolitan Area, United KIngdom.

Just the flight there and back would cost $1722.40. Which is a crazy amount and the hotel i would be staying at Hawthorne Tare Hotel in Pennington, London for the two weeks would cost $2392.97. For traveling around England i would definitely need a car. The rental car i looked at was decent and looked about to be a hundred bucks. Gosh plus gas money i was thinking about $700 for that, so that would be $4915.37 for all of that together.
I would also of course need a passport. I searched it up and it came out to be almost 100 bucks for 9+ days.


If anyone out there would be willing to help me out. So i can experience the beauty and historic's of England and provide any information and education and my encounters to those who'd be interested in listening. Finding the money to do this is a big challenge for me. Money totaling at $5305.37.This isn't just for me its for others as well, its not just some trip. I want to show others whats out there. Have them find out interesting things that they didn't know and being like "oh that is so cool" just by me posting my journals online. i want to inspire others, i want to share with others.