Political Party Systems

Why the Two Party System Just Doesn't Work

Pros and Cons of The Two Party System.

  • no dictator or king
  • only two parties hold the power
  • not confusing to pick a candidate
  • People get to choose the president
  • people get to know each president more
  • constant bickering and even harsh accusations of the candidates
  • you might be split between parties liking one's social views and the others economic views
  • not many parties to choose from
  • the parties cant reach out to everyones views
  • only two parties have all the power
  • constant battle for power

Why I favor a multi-party system

  • Multiple candidates and views to choose from
  • Less Bickering and fighting between all candidates.
  • some candidates are exactly what your looking for.

Multiple Party system

"The mulitple party system is the way to go!" says politcal spokesman Thomas Bennet.

"the constant bickering and fighting of the two party system is to much to handle!"

"I know it would be better if we had more canidates with different views working towards the common good." exclaims politcal spokesman Thomas Bennet.

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