Toys For Tots

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What is Toys For Tots?

Toys for Tots is a charity that helps needy children. Every year, Toys for Tots asks for donations during October, November and December. This is done so that every needy child in our community hopefully gets a toy under their tree on Christmas morning.

Why should you donate to Toys For Tots?

Imagine sitting by your Christmas tree and having no presents to open while everyone else in your community has a gifts. This is probably how the needy children in our community feel. Please make sure everyone in our community has a present under there tree by donating money to this worthy cause.


Toys ”R” Us helped Toy for Tots raise over 31.6 million dollars last year. They collected 3.75 million toys since their partnership began in 2004, and also worked with 4x NBA champion Shaquille O'Neal.

How much of your money goes to Toys for Tots?

97% of your donations go to the children. 3% covers expenses and not 1 dollar is being given to the employees or man power costs.

Direct Quote

“This year it’s more about creating a tradition,” said Flo Torres, director of the Toys For Tots. “We wanted to create the ambiance of giving.”


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