My great grandfather

By:Makayla kay butler

Earnest Harold Berry

Earnest Harold Berry was born in 1921in .He grew up in a house of 5 children an a mom and a dad. In 1954 when he was 33 he got married to a beautiful woman named Dorthy.A while later he had 5 beautiful children named Rhonda, Martin, Earnest, Nicky, and Gifford.Years after that on january 1, 2011, my great grandfother died at the age of 79 from falling backwards on stairs.

the history of his life

The year my grandfother was born Amelia Earhart bought her first plane.During that year Jan sterling was also born. The year my great grandfather got married Ernest Hemingway's Plane Crashes.also that year Mercedes-Benz W196 is First Produced