Supreme Court& Social Media Threats

Threats to schools via social media by Taylor Barczyk

The Case: Anthony Eloins, 27 in 2010 made the threats in Pennsylvania

Anthony was going through personal turmoil and posted on Facebook that he was going to shoot up the elementary school. His direct quote was "Enough elementary schools in a 10-miles radius to initiate the most heinous school shooting ever". Anthony claims that it was just a re-quote of a song. For this quote, he was convicted of violating a federal statue against making threats across state line for school rap an other Facebook posting (ex-wife, female FBI agent). He was sentenced and served 3 years in federal prison and now the supreme court is listening to his appeal.

Supreme Court Rulings expected next June

The Supreme Court is battling over if the idea of an online threat is a legitimate threat or if it is a freedom of speech issue. The ruling that they create will set president for states and local school districts battling the same issue. The case is involving strong opinions from law-enforcement and victims rights groups against free-speech advocates. The ruling will speak to the option of individuals, free speech, and social media.


A Pro-Active Response

Unintended Consequences

With social media policies starting to form for students who make false threats on social media, what do you think the Unintended Consequences will be?

What Policies do You have in Place?