Conservation and preservation

Animal Rights


Conservation is to control the environment in a non wasteful manner. Doing so will keep the environment stable for the upcoming gernerations.  This involves controlled hunting, and the scientific studies of the environments progression. In order to conserve the environment in a non wasteful way, all remains of the what we posses must eigther benefit humans, and or the environment. 


Preservation is to keep one in existence. For wildlife this will involve controlled hunting, and human interactions with wildlife to keep a steady environment, and predator, prey ratio.

Would participating in animal rights benefit, or harm society?

Animal rights supports treating animals like humans, as if they are entitled to their own life. Animal rights activists want the killing of all wild life to stop. If the conservation of the animal population were to stop, the population would dramatically increase, forcing animals into urban areas.

Not only would we see a physical impact but as well as a economical impact. Hunting is a huge money source for the economy. Hunting currently provides over 680,000 american jobs, with over 14,630,000 license holders. This contributes about 780,000,000 annually to the American economy, and is increasing slowly.