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20-21 Welcome Video

Online Instructional Format

Working from home is a bit challenging, especially if you're working asynchronously which means at your own pace. To make it easier, every unit we complete in class will follow the same format using my Smore sites. This site is to introduce you to the types of activities you will complete over three to five class days.

1. Engage/ Connect

Just like a good story or essay begins by engaging the reader, so does a good lesson. To achieve that, you will answer one or two questions that connect to the text in someway. Clicking the picture takes you to a new page to type your answer. You don't have to hit submit or enter, just close the window when you're finished but remember to type your name after your answer. You should be logged in with your Google/ district account, and it should automatically record your name, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

2. Explore

StudySync is great about creating introductory videos for each of the units/ passages. Watching the videos and reading the background will increase your interest and engagement.

3. Vocabulary

Sometimes a passage will have words you don't know. To prepare your for that, there will always be a little vocabulary matching quiz to take before you read. You're welcome to use a dictionary. The goal is for you to learn and understand the words so that when you see them in the passage, you will know what they mean.

4. Read/ Explain

This is where we work together to read and explain the text. In most cases, you'll click a link to get the text. In some cases, there may be an accompanying video or audio link.

5. Elaborate/ Share

This can be completed in person or by email. Click the image to learn more.

6. Evaluate

Embedded in the newsletter will be your quiz over the passage.

7. Exit

This is the most fun. You get to record a video response to a question.