Nutrition For Kids

Why DHA and ARA are Important in Nutrition for Kids

Help Your Child Think Smarter. Know All About ARA and DHA

Nutrition plays the most important role by far in your child’s neurodevelopment. Breast milk is said to be the best choice for infants during the first year. Subsequently, parents need to consider what to feed their little ones to give them the right nutrition. Often parents get caught up with external factors, like whether the child looks thin or has rosy cheeks. What we tend to forget is that nutrition for kids needs to support all round growth, especially that of the brain. And the right support needs to be given whether it is through the regular food we eat or via a good nutritional support for brain development like Enfagrow A+.

DHA and ARA - Not Just an Alphabet Soup

If your child is between 2 and 6 years, you need to understand the role of DHA and ARA in his or her brain development. What a child requires during these years is long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids for their neurodevelopment.

These fatty acids are, therefore, critical in improving your child’s cognitive and visual abilities.

The Limitation

While DHA and ARA are essential for brain development and sight, our body has limited ability to manufacture them. Therefore, these fatty acids need to be a part of our diet. Even with the most well thought out nutrition for kids, often we are unable to provide sufficient quantities of these essential fatty acids. Therefore, there has been a move towards a nutritional supplement for brain development.

Whether or Not to Give Your Child a Nutritional Supplement for Brain Development

Several studies have been conducted to determine the importance of including a nutritional supplement for brain development in the diet of children. The most prominent ones are those by N Auestad and EE Birch. Children who were given formula that included DHA and ARA demonstrated significant improvements in visual acuity.

Studies also showed that children being given formula with DHA and ARA demonstrated high scores in mental development (boosting cognition, perception, language, and social skills) as well as psychomotor development (boosting gross and fine motor skills). Enfagrow A+ is one such fortified formula that has DHA and ARA, apart from other essentials that should be a part of nutrition for kids.