What can we can about respect from Terry Fox and others

What does Respect mean?

Respect is admiring someone or something deeply, as a result of their abilities, qualities, or achievements. An example of respect is "Get to know people properly, don't fake an interest, find someone common ground and talk about-it will lead to other conversations and you'll learn a lot about that person without being nosey or rude.

Terry Fox demonstrated respect in lots of ways.

Terry Fox was a person who gave respect to everyone. Terry Fox decided to run across Canada to raise awareness and money for the cancer research. Knowing that he lost his right leg, he decided to run across Canada just to raise money for the people who had cancer. Terry Fox had set out to achieve a goal that was considered impossible by many people but Terry Fox did not give up and gave his best. This demonstrates that Terry Fox respected people.

Short Story on Respect.

I will always remember this one girl that was in all of my 7th grade classes. She was very quiet, never back-talked anyone, always greeted the staff at our school, never interrupted the teachers like any other kid in the school. All my friends thought she was just weird, but I watched her for a while and she was always so polite. All the kids at my school were always rude not listening to the staff, so one day, the day I will always remember, I finally had the guts to ask her why she wasn't like the rest of us and what she told me changed the way I acted. When I asked her she told me,"If you ever want to be respected in life, you'll have to respect others and by others I mean not just your friends."
After she said that I started respecting others more and telling other people what I was told.
This short story connects to my character trait, Respect, as it tells us that how one can get respect. It tells us that if we give respect to people, then people will also respect us. One should never judge someone by looking at them, instead one should always look at how that person is acting and talking. If someone is respecting you, you should also give them respect rather than being egoistic and mean.
Respect each other

Respect each other (video)

In this video, as you can see that there is a guy who is respect by helping people and giving money to the poor and homeless people. He also gave food to the hungry dog. People respected him as he gave them respect. The man deserved respect by everyone for the things he did for others.

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