The Talking Pear!

The New Talking Computer!

Kacey Bernal, 5th Period.

You can never go wrong with this new top computer!

This computer is very unique It's the top notch Pear product, out there. You will be able to actually have a fluent conversation with your own computer. This computer will be able to look stuff up for you with out you typing. There is no need for a keyboard anymore .

You Will Fall In Love With All The Pear Products.

Come Buy A Pear, It Will Last A Lifetime!

Come by are our store in Switzerland and buy you your own personal Pear. This magical computer will last you a lifetime. It is good for everything, you can't go wrong with this new device.

It's even cheaper than the Apple.

It comes in veriety of different colors : blue, green, light pink, white, and the most popular light purple.

they all do the samething, they all work the same. This tecnology will blow your mind, not only on how it works but how much it cost.

It only cost $175, that's an a amazing price for a electronic that can do anything you demand it to do!