The Myths of The Sinking of Titanic

Riley Wedlake

Did the Mummy of Amen-Ra actually sink the Titanic?

There is a myth that the Mummy of Amen-Ra sank the Titanic. It has been proven to be false. At the time people thought this mummy to be a curse. One person bought it and his house supposedly burned down. The rumor started when William Thomas Stead brought the mummy lid aboard. His friend Douglas Murry. started spreading rumors about it being on board. The mummy was not on board rather just the coffin lid.

Did the serial number of the Titanic spell NO POPE?

Did the Titanic hit another boat before crashing into the iceberg?

No. Although it almost hit another boat it did not. The titanic did in fact hit the other boat that was just another myth on the Titanic.
Timewatch: Myths Of The Titanic


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