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April 8, 2016

PLC Presentations

We begin our PLC presentations Monday. I know each community has been working diligently on their topic. I had the privilege to see some of the work applied in the classrooms-it was really "cool" to see.

Here are some reminders for the presentations:

  • If you need a computer and screen, please put in the request for these
  • Bring your staff journals for note keeping
  • Check the padlet link for topic presentations
  • Please send me via email any handouts or materials (including videos). I can attach these to your groups padlet link. You are welcome to try to attach yourselves.

Reminders and Dates

Copier Sensitivity- The copiers are very sensitive to spots on the glass. Please make certain when copying something with white out or "wet" ink it dries completely before placing on the glass. These are the culprits making lines on the papers.


Monday, April 11th BOE Meeting 6:30 PM

Wednesday, April 13th 9:40 AM "Miss Electricity" -Children's Theater Tour-45 minutes

Monday, April 18th Superintendent Conference day

Friday, April 22nd 2:20 PM Valley Rally - "Respectful"

Wednesday, April 27th Kindergarten Field Trip to Hilton and Hansen Farms

Wednesday, May 4th Second Grade Field Trip to Smith Opera House

Thursday, May 19th Last Day of REACH

Friday, June 17th Valley Palloza

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This has been an odd week. I found myself not smiling as much. Perhaps the weather, the after break exhaustion, the loss one of our staff members experienced, how I take to heart our children's trauma, the fact that my car was damaged when a coyote ran into my car smashing the back quarter panel (cannot make that up), or just a combination of events.

I should know better. I have been taking an online course through the University of California at Berkeley titled "The Science of Happiness." Yep, can't make this up of the more prestigious universities offers a course in happiness..... well they are based in the warm California sunshine.

Part of what I learned, we all already knew, taking care of ourselves physically and emotionally increase our state of happiness. Getting enough sleep, exercise, drinking water and eating right are important parts of being happy. The March Wellness challenge highlighted these concepts. Happiness is also positively correlated to being around people who care and think positively. People who think positive thoughts tend to wear a smile, even without realizing it. This adds to the state of happiness!

So, I hope to put a smile on your face with two short videos. One on tying shoelaces (I was devastated this week to discover I have been doing it wrong my entire life) and the second is a free website called PowToon.

Technology Corner

Try something new- PowToon

I created this last night. The only difficulty was finding a blond avatar, now I am considering becoming a brunette!