Water is one of the key things for survival. We need it to keep us alive and healthy. However, we are wasting it. Water is a precious resource that we need.

Where does it Come From?

Every day we are wasting water without even knowing it. Whether it has come from a river, lake, stream, sea, hail, dam or even the sky! We use it in our normal everyday life from the kitchen to the bathroom to the garden and all of that water we use comes from the water cycle. The water cycle starts when water evaporates from the sea. Then it will form a cloud with other water drops. Finally when there is enough water, it will rain and the cycle will start again.

How do we Waste it?

People are not aware that they are wasting water, because they are wasting water so much, it has becoming a habit. Long showers and using full flush are a few things to name that we are doing. Lots of us are doing simple things… that waste more water. Like keeping the tap on while you brush your teeth and putting the sprinklers on after it has just rained heavily!

What Would happen?

Imagine this, you’re brushing your teeth and suddenly no water is coming out of the tap. You fling open a window. All the plants in your garden are dead! What can you do? Not a nice thought was it? That’s exactly what will happen if we run out of water. There would be a big drought nothing would survive until…. it rained.

If you're not Wasting you're Saving!

Changing people’s minds is something YOU can do to save water. Telling them about taking shorter showers and not leaving the tap running are good things to say. In hope one day we will have a wonderful world full of people who don’t waste water!

Hopefully, this poster has convinced you to save water. Doing little things like taking a shorter shower might not seem to make a difference, but in the end it will. Go ahead, and save some WATER!

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