Project 1- Narrative

Buckle up, you're going to be on the edge of your seat

The Non-Revised Version

Have you ever been left home alone? The first time you're left alone is a very scary time! Did you hear any noises and think someone was trying to break into your house? These kids actually had someone break into their house. They had to make some very mature decisions.

"Now, we would like to present these rewards to Sam and Samantha James," the mayor said, "For their courageous bravery and for finding the state's most wanted criminal (MWC) Dan Anchorman."
Just last week, Sam and Samantha James were normal kids. They had no friends at school and nobody really liked them. Now however, all the kids at their school, Perry High School, wanted to hug them and get their autographs-all because they had captured a criminal. They didn't do any detective work, they just so happened to be in a somewhat good place at a bad time.

Sam and Samantha James were 14 year old. They were twins. Their parents were leaving them home for the first time because they were going to a job conference. Their parents were managers for a video game company. They had to be there for the meeting and couldn't bring any children. So, their kids had to stay home the whole time.

Sitting at home, Sam and Samantha were playing video games. They were both bored and scared, but wouldn't admit it to each other. They were about to go outside to their backyard when suddenly they heard a knock on their door. KNOCK, KNOCK!! They both stopped in the tracks. "Open up," the person at the door said. Sam quietly walked to the door and looked out the peephole and saw a man he didn't know. The person was in all black; a black hoodie, black sweatshirt, black sweatpants, and black shoes. The man had something bulging out of his sweatshirt. Sam cringed when he saw it. "OPEN UP!" the person said again. Sam looked back at Samantha and the both shook the head, "no".

Sam looked back out the hole and saw the man leaving their door. "Whoof." he breathed. Then, he saw the man turn around and go to the side window of the house, tap it, then softly punch it. “That’s weird,” he thought. Without expecting it, Sam saw the man kick the window. CRASH!! The window had broken. Sam ran back, grabbed his sister's arm, and pulled her down behind the couch in the living room. As they listened, they could hear the man going through draws, and opening cabinets in their kitchen. Using sign language- which they had learned while being scouts- Sam told his sister to stay still. Quietly, Sam crept up and ran around the side of the kitchen (where the man wouldn't see him), stepped up to him and punched him. "Ow!" the man shrieked. Stumbling down, the man tried to return the punch but, Sam dove and avoided it. Without knowing, Sam saw Samantha run up with her jump rope, and together they tied the man's hands together.

"What are you doing in my house?" Sam questioned. The man hesitated, "I thought tthhis was mmymy house." he stammered. "No you didn't," replied Sam, "This is the only house over here." While Sam kept talking to the stranger, Samantha ran to the house phone and dialed 9-11. About 15 minutes later, the police showed up. They took the man and did their own questioning.

When their parents got home, the twins told their parents what had happened. Their mom was really frustrated. "I knew I shouldn't have left you all alone!" she yelled. While they were talking, they got a phone call. The twins' dad picked it up. It was the local police department's chief, stating that the man was a well known criminal who was wanted by the whole state. He also said that the mayor wanted to give the kids awards for the bravery.