Filippo Lippi

Ariana Roosen

About Filippo Lippi

Filippo was born in 1406 in Florence, Italy. He died in 1469 on October 8th. He spent his life in a covent of Carmelite Monks at Santa Marid Del Comma in a chapel. The Frescoes were his contact with art. Accepted into painters guilde. He spent his life at Spoleto. He had been commissioned to paint. Lippi did many paintings for chapels. His most famous paintings are The Barbador Madonna in Majesty with Angels and Saints, The Tarquinia Madonna and Child Enthroned. His patrons were Donatello, Luca Della Robbia, Ghiberti and the Medeci Family. The 2 isms that linked to this artist are..Humanism and Skepticim. Because Fillipo had a linear perspective. He was very independent.

Madonna and Child with Angels, Saints Frediano and Augustine

This piece was created in 1437. The piece can be found today at Musee Du Louvre in Paris, France, INV. 339. I find this piece interesting because it's such a beautiful piece of art and has so many details. Also none of the people look happy like something is wrong. That makes me wonder why they're like that. The signifigance about this piece was that all of the colors he used and all the details he put into it. It's very artistic. For example, like the clothes they wore and how vivid the chapel ceiling was.