Andrew Jackson

Events Of AJ's life

National Bank

In 1832 it was time for the national bank to be renewed this was the last year of Jackson's presidency so after being elected for a second term he Vetoed renewing the National Bank then took all the funds out of the national bank and sent the money to state banks causing the National Bank to die.

Indian Removal Act

Cherokee were given time to leave there Georgia land and relocate to Oklahoma but Cherokee took it to the supreme court saying that they had a right to be there and couldn't be forced to leave they won the case but sadly Andrew Jackson ignored the rulling and forced them to move.

The Nullification Crisis

Mad about the tariff of 1828 and 1832 the state of South Carolina felt they could nullify these tariffs and if the federal government interfered they would succeed but Congress allowed the force bill to be passed witch allowed Andrew Jackson to force South Carolina to pay the tariff


I feel Jackson and congress betrayed the United States Of America with the Force Bill Making the southern state of south Carolina Pay your tariffs was unfair for the north knows we rely heavily on international trade just a thought from your Average southern farmer


I feel like everything Jackson has done has been beneficial to the aid of the United States Of America during his time in office all the things he has changed or introduced i would have gave the okay myself. ~ Yes man