Digital Coaches' Corner

Week 24 5/26/15

Googlize Your Summer

I have been know to say that Google is taking over the world. Google provides us with many great tools to improve our life and job. Google is constantly updating the tools they provide which can be frustrating, but the change usually means an improvement for Google.

Classroom of the Week: Mr. Brett Beauchamp's U.S. History Classes

Save President Kennedy

Brett Beauchamp's class studied the politics of the 1960s as their end of year unit. Students were to explain how they would save President Kennedy from being assassinated. They illustrated their method using a website called Once the students saved President Kennedy, they researched how that would have impacted one of three situations: the Civil Rights movement, the US involvement in Vietnam or the next Presidential Election. Once the research was finished, students created a video commentary to present to the class. This activity was an excellent representation of using technology in a Project Based lesson. Way to go Brett and your students!