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April 2017

Ready to go digital?

In this edition, we're featuring OverDrive, a tool that makes digital reading easy. Please watch the screencast and try it out! Also, we've just purchased a digital magazine service. Hope you enjoy that as well. Directions below.

Let us know how it goes, and if you have titles to suggest, you can add them via the library website or at the link below.

Happy Digital Reading!

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OverDrive: Digital Books & Audiobooks

How it Works

OverDrive works with our library catalog, Destiny.

The books in OverDrive function like real books: once one is borrowed no one else can use it.

You can access OverDrive two ways: via the library catalog or directly from OverDrive. All the links you need are on the library website, but also here:

You can read on your laptop OR download the OverDrive app. Either way, you log in with your amersol username (first part of your email) and amersol password. If the log-in doesn't work for you, please email Mrs. Ducharme.

Once you are logged in, you can borrow books. You can borrow THREE books at a time, and you may keep them for TWO weeks. When the time limit expires, the book will disappear from your shelf.

Please watch the screencast below for more directions (7 min)

Using OverDrive

Flipster: Digital Magazines

How it works

Flipster is an EBSCO product. It offers simultaneous use magazine subscriptions, so when you view a magazine, it is still available for others, too. Our selection is designed to support classroom work as well as some personal interest magazines.

Open the Flipster program HERE

Get the password HERE (same as EBSCO - must be logged into amersol)

You can read on the computer or get the Flipster app.

Check out the screencast below to see how it looks:

Flipster Digital Magazines: Demo

Have you met Nicola?

We hope you've had a chance to meet our new library assistant, Nicola Razuri. If not, please swing by and say hello.

He's up to speed with shelving, processing magazines, and many other areas of his new library job. He's also in charge of loaning out the Chromebooks.

His interests include paintball and techie stuff...but he doesn't have too much free time lately - he's taking NIGHT CLASSES every day after school at ISIL.

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Library Events!

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Book Swap

Get rid of books you've already read and swap them out for some new-ish ones.

You can donate your gently used books to the library any time between now and April 28th. For every TWO books you donate, you get one ticket to spend at the swap.

On day 1 of the swap --> you can only get books with TICKETS

On day 2 of the swap --> you can use tickets or cash to get books (1 book = 1 sol)

WHEN: Thursday and Friday, April 27/28

WHERE: On the green in front of the library

HOURS: from 8:00 - 3:30

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Book Week 2017

We're having some book-ish contests to celebrate our LOVE OF READING.

Each contest will have TWO winners! One from Middle School and one from High School.

Tuesday, May 2 - BOOK TRAILER contest

At lunch, in the library

We'll show the book trailers students have created

Students: Prepare a 1-3 minute video that highlights why someone should read one of your favorite books. The winning video will be engaging, mention the title and author, and tell just enough about the story to make us want to read it.

Wednesday, May 3 - Character Dress up contest

All day.

To enter the contest, come to the library to have your photo taken

Students and Teachers: Dress up like a character in a book. The winning costume will be the most creative, the most similar to the character, and will show great effort.

* Teachers - we will choose a winning teacher for this category. The prize is a loaded Starbucks card.

Thursday, May 4 - Eat Your Book contest

Roosevelt Commons: Trust Dining Hall

Students: Create a food item inspired by a book. It can be a decorated cake or other edible item, or a dish eaten by the characters. It can be anything that connects food and a particular book.

BRING the book and the food item to Roosevelt Commons at LUNCHTIME. No refrigeration is available, so plan ahead. Be sure to label your item, so we know what we're looking at.

Friday, May 5 - Gamer Day

In the library and Little Theater

Board games and card games in the library at breaks and lunch. Also, video games in the Little Theater at lunch times.

Your Library Team

"We love to help you do your best!"

Sarah Ducharme, MS/HS Librarian

Alondra Fairlie, Assistant to the Librarians

Nicola Razuri, Library Assistant

Ale Checa, Digital Librarian