Hi do you know how bubble gum is made? Well good because your about to find out.


At the farm I will tell you all of the ingredients that you will need. Ok you will need organic latex and white fluid. Ok and that is it lets go check out the factory ok then.


first step is preparing the chicle. step two. grinding mixing and drying the latex. Step three cooking and purifying the base. step four blending additional ingredients. Step five kneading and rolling the gum. step six cutting and seasoning the gum. step seven packaging the gum. that is it for the steps lets move on to the stores.


Ok so the stores that you could find gum at is Kum & Go Casey's Quick trip Target Walmart and Hy Vee . Lets move on to fun facts.

Fun Facts

Did you know that prehistoric people chewed of resin. It is a sticky brownish substance. That are oozes from trees.


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