Experiences from Camp Explore 2012

Roshni writes to us about what she found at Camp Explore

Roshni writes to us about Camp Explore 2012.

Roshni, a bubbly teenager, was part of the Camp Explore experience in 2012. She wrote to us about her experiences during the camp. Here's what she says:

"iReboot's Camp Explore 2012 was a wonderful experience for me. Right from going live on a radio show and making your own pizzas to exploring a cockpit and making manure from scratch the camp doesn't fail to blow your mind off.

I got to meet various kinds of people - some eccentric, some sweet, some naughty and some silent. But towards the end of the camp we all became such good friends that we cursed the coordinator for not having extended it beyond two weeks. This was The Best (not one of the best) summer camp that I've attended till date.

I never thought I would enjoy getting my hands dirty or roaming about in the sun in hunt for a good scene to capture on your camera.

And if you think any of the activities that they have listed doesn't appeal to you, don't fret; just give it a shot and I'm sure you won't regret it!"