Ms. Kilar's Class

Friday, March 6, 2015

March is Reading Month

In honor of "March is Reading Month," students should be reading for 4th grade Battle of the Books. We have just about three weeks before our classroom book battle. Students need to have a minimum of three books completed by March 23. Please check in with your child and see how many books he/she has completed.


We continued working on nonfiction text structures by learning about problem and solution structure. Students also played a text structure game and a cause and effect game.


We started a new unit on literary essays this week. We started by reading "Each Kindness" by Jaqueline Woodson about the kindness of friendship. Students had to identify. The students had to identify the theme and give examples from the text to support their thinking.


Our focus in science this week was how energy can be transferred by electric currents. We learned how light and heat can be used in solar cells to produce electricity and how electric currents can be used to produce sound. We went on a short scavenger hunt to find many items that use electricity.


This week students were challenged with multistep division problems. We also spent time reviewing many of the skills and concepts we’ve learned in the last several weeks. Students will have a test next Wednesday and Thursday. Please have your child begin working on the practice test this weekend. For extra practice, your child could complete pages 93 and 94 in their workbook.

Homework: Practice Test

Social Studies

We debriefed about mini-society and discussed what students would do to improve or change their business for the program in 5th grade.

We continued our government unit. We learned about he branches of government and the system of checks and balances. Students researched the government of Michigan and researched problems in our state.

Upcoming Dates

  • Friday, March 13 - No School
  • Thursday, March, 12 - Spring Picture Day
  • Monday, March 23 - Swimming make-up day
  • Monday, March 23 - Classroom Book Battle - Students must have 3 books finished
  • Wednesday, March 25 - 4th Grade Book Battle
  • March 27-April 6 - Spring Break

Specials Schedule

  • Monday - Art
  • Tuesday - PE
  • Wednesday - Library/Music
  • Thursday - Art
  • Friday - PE


  • Spelling: Practice worksheet and list
  • Math: Practice Test
  • Grammar: Worksheet

Scholastic Book Order

I sent home the March Scholastic Book order. Our classroom code is HHCPZ

Please submit orders by March 13 so I can have them back before spring break.