Interview & Summary


FL:I think conflict is when you cannot reach a mutual agreement with someone and people have two different views on something and they don't agree.

LC: What age did you have the most conflict

FL:I would say at the age of 16,17.

LC: Why?

FL:My mother had passed away and I was going through my own stuff within myself.It was a conflict within myself, and just dealing with going to school and getting over my mom passing away and someone else taking care of me

LC: Did you usually start conflict? If so, Why?

FL:Yes I did start conflict. I think it was more of a way to vent my own anger from within myself

LC: What was a major conflict in your life?

FL:There was one time a girl who i saw on Facebook, and she always put her life on Facebook, and It wasn't my buisness but I still felt like i had to talk about it and tell her to shut up and I did and we had a big argument.

LC: Who were the persons involved?

FL:My boyfriend, myself, the girl, and two other friends of hers

LC: Did the persons involved play a larger role in your life?

FL:Just my boyfriend,he played a larger role.

LC:How did you grow from this conflict?

FL: I've grown because I've learned that just because i see something does not mean it's my business. Like everybody else's life is not my problem. If I see something I don't like, I do not have to put my input into it,

LC: How would you advise that other young people deal with conflict?

FL:If it has nothing to do with you, mind your business.If it's not harming you or anyone around you or it's not causing harm to the person stay out of it.


For this assignment, I interviewed Ms. Felicia Lora. She is a colleague of my mother's and a preschool teacher. I had a very successful, interesting interview with her. She told me about a past experience with me and we discussed its details. Due to her sharing this with me, I have learned about what conflict is in her eyes and learned how she deals with it. I asked her ten questions about confilct.

My first question was " What is conflict to you?" She responded with the typical response of defining conflict in her own words. I then asked about the age where she had the most conflict and why. She told me that at around 16, 17 her mother passed so her internal conflict about not knowing how to feel led to external ones. This answer really made me think deeply about what kind of conflict this could have led to. When I asked my next few questions about a major conflict I got an answer to what I was thinking.

Ms. Felicia gave mean example of a pretty major conflict that led to the loss of her boyfriend and isolation from friends.This conflict occurred when she saw a girl over-sharing on Facebook and told her to stop in a not so polite way. This caused a conflict that involved Felicia's boyfriend, herself, the girl, and two of the girl's friends. Ms. Felicia told me that because of this conflict she's learned to keep her input to herself and advises that other young people do the same to avoid and deal with conflict.This interview taught me alot.

I learned about dealing with conflict and people in general. Her conflict was one that started because she put in her two cents where it wasn't needed.This has taught me to mind my own buisness and leave my input in my head. Also it has told me that people have scars you can't see. Ms. Felicia is very upbeat and happy I would've never guessed she had experienced things like the death of someone close to her or any type of internal conflict. In completion, this interview was very nice and taught me alot.