Struggling Readers & Writers

Helping Students in ALL Classes Grades 6-12

What do you do with the students in your classroom who are not reading and/or writing at grade level? How do you help these students meet the academic objectives for your class, while also helping them gain literacy skills? And how can this be done without feeling completely overwhelmed? This workshop will provide strategies and suggestions to answer these questions and also meet the needs of these students.

Beginning on October 24 at the Southern Indiana Education Center, Julie Monetta will lead the first of a 3-day workshop series. Participants should expect the following:

  • How to recognize specific areas of need with struggling students
  • Strategies to make content more comprehensible for struggling students
  • Practical advice for classroom application
  • Day one will focus on support to help struggling readers, day two on struggling writers, then day three will go deeper and add additional strategies for both
  • Networking and sharing successes and concerns with colleagues.

Julie will be drawing from the research and work of Serravallo, Gallagher, Tovani, Calkins, and many others to provide plenty of guidance for session participants. Please join us for three helpful and important days for grade 6-12 teachers of ALL content areas!

Julie Monetta

Julie is the SIEC Director of Educator Support and a certified Literacy Specialist with many years experience teaching students of all ages, from early elementary to college. She reinforces content literacy at all levels and provides important help to support struggling readers through diagnosis and prescription. She has also been a national trainer since 2006, providing training and support to teachers across the country. With a strong background in supporting ELLs, her goal is empowering teachers and students in authentic teaching and learning.

October 24, November 28, and December 7, 2017

*This workshop is for ALL teachers in grades 6-12 and will take place at the SIEC office located at 1102 Tree Lane Drive in Jasper (47546).

*Workshop times are 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Eastern)

*Lunch is included in the registration.

*Each participant will receive a certificate for 18 Professional Growth Points.

*All participants should bring a laptop to use during the session and also a unit or lesson with which to implement strategies.

*Registration fee is $225 (includes 3 days) per person for ESC members and $315 per person for nonmembers.

*See registration link below.