Trade for some Bananas

Our Economy

Here in Suriname we have a command economy, but in England they have a mixed economy. He are looking to trade bananas with you. In Suriname it cost's us 80 cents for a banana with no extra cost's or for 10 seeds it cost's us $7.95

Geography of Suriname

Here in Suriname we have a relatively flat country. We still have a few small mountain ranges, but other then that it is a perfect area to grow bananas. Their is not a season for growing bananas all year. So we can trade them all year. Bananas mostly grow in moengo, brownsweg, totness.


The country that would most benefit form this trade would be England. Our bananas would be transported to England by plane then after they reach England they would be transported to each city by train. The benefits from this trade would be that England would finally get bananas.


2010 Former Dictator Bouterse Returns to Power

The mega combination coalition headed by the former dictator Desi Bouterse won a two thirds

majority in May 2010 parliamentary elections Parliament elected him president in August

Exports and imports

Suriname's top exports are Aluminum oxide, Gold, refined petroleum, bananas, and fish.

Suriname's top 5 imports are cars, sugar, iron, meat, and rubber tires.