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Apologies for not creating regular Smores, during the last 2 terms, due to the time restraints of my teaching role.

New Curriculum

History Program Checklists - Created by myself. For programming consistency they match my Maths, Geography, Science and Step's English ones. These History syllabus planning documents help to develop greater understanding of the History syllabus.

I have embedded the previous HSIE units, as a reference, to assist planning your new History units.

Science Program Checklists - Created by myself.

Geography Program checklists - also created by myself.

For super Geography resources visit Snapshot Geography websites.

Monsters Unit - a multistage unit created by Janine Hopwood, who has adapted Kathyrn Dunbar's St1 Monsters unit.

Have you visited Debbie Ross's page recently? Debbie has shared webinars on Science, History, Guided Reading and Assessment. These webinars are ideal for staff meetings.

New Aboriginal Resources

Aboriginal Resource Page

- NAIDOC resources

- Campfire Languages -.In Campfire students will explore some sounds, words and sentences of Aboriginal languages.

- Clips from My Place

- TES resources link

-Aboriginal Art resource

- 8 free online readers which are sensational. You must have take a peek at them.

Teacher Sharing

Would you like to share your Term 1 or 2 unit or links to great sites?

Many teachers continue to amaze me with their generosity and because of this we are all richer. I believe "sharing, inspires!"

Inspire your colleagues today by sharing : )

Thank You For Sharing

Leanne Williamson - has created and shared her writing prompt and ST2 Maths Problem ppt. Merryn Whitefield adapted Leanne's ppt to create her own, which she also shared.

Steph Westwood - has created and shared her writing prompt and shared St2-3 Maths Problems ppt. Karin Hird also shared her Number of The Day ppt.Samantha Clark shared 2 ppts also.

Gayle Pinn - continues to share her wiki and I have linked Scientific Literacies

Courtney Riley shared her TEN resources. On the TEN page you will find a growing list of super resources.

Daily 5 + L3

Do you do Daily 5 or L3?

If so, would you like to share resources.

My Daily 5 page and L3 page have a small list of resources and ideas.

Arts Live

Arts Live - Wow, this is a FANTASTIC site and I was sooooo excited when I accidentally "found" it. It is free to register and access the lessons. Also, you can enable your students to access these lessons.
"Get creative explores a diverse range of courses in dance, drama, media arts, music and visual arts." Join today!


Great Teaching, Inspired Learning

Accreditation - What You Need To Know

Strong Start, Great Teachers

Classroom Teacher Program - This link needs portal log in.

Differentiation - an excellent site. Exploration of this site would provide beneficial staff professional learning. Free examples of differentiated S3 reading passages are provided. Thanks Steph : )


Since you have last visited Snapshot many new exciting resources have been added to most of the English pages, including Inferring, Predicting, Reading,Spelling, Comprehending, Grammar, Guided Reading, Point of View, Story Telling (Myth Writing), Phonics

I Can Statements I have adapted Jodie Holt's I Can statements with Cecil Hill's Ninja posters to create these for my school.


Music Resources - This page has an enormous range of online resources. My students love exploring these sites to create music, learn about the orchestra, instruments, pitch, beat etc

Art Resources - This page has so many creative ideas to inspire you. My kids love use some of the listed sites to "create".

Computer Skills page - A few new resources in coding and typing.


Since you have last visited Snapshot many new exciting resources have been added to most of the Maths pages, including Thinking Mathematically (have a look at the pdfs), Number - Algebra, Measurement, Data plus the mixture page (mandalas, student booklets, multiplication table channel, the top Marks games range and cool little clips)

Resource Page

New Resources - Parent Support page which contains suitable resources for parent evenings. Also on the resource page is Just KIds Games, Crafty Kids, Picture Word Cards, Make Stuff, Table Top Audio, Splash Games link.

Snapshot Facebook

Snapshot Facebook - I have had to change the Facebook address and sadly the previous resources have been lost. So it's a new and smaller Snapshot Facebook, but it will grow with time. If you would like to "refriend" just click the link.

Snapshot Facebook contains different resources to the website.

Some examples include:

1. Music Shed idea - I love the lesson on Wake Me Up!

2.Lego Ideas

3. A cool leak proof bag idea

4.Poetry Shed idea which mentioned the Highwayman , which is one of my old time favourites so I added these 3 links - The HIghwayman, clip 1 and clip 2,.

5. Potential energy idea

6.Elephant colouring

7.Angles idea - see the picture below

8.Figure me out idea

9.Explore Colour app - which is an AR app that teaches students about primary and secondary colours - if you see an itunes one like this let me know!

10.Solving Maths problems student idea

Join Snapshot Facebook today

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History - Geography - Science Resources

History - New resources have been added to Global Connections, Australian Explorers (2 clips), Multiculturism-Immigration (3 links), Bushrangers, Rainforests and Gold.

Geography - Lots of great resources.

Science - 5 new additions to good Science websites plus new links in Human Body, Animals and Matter,.

Physical Activity in Schools
PDHPE Syllabus and resources