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What is happening in our country?

It looks like Egypt has finally settled, we have a phraoph to rule our country, the pyramids has just built, jewelry has been made, and Egypt has more gold than ever, which means... Egypt is the most powerful country of our time.


While diggers were digging in the south, they found something amazing... they found gold, lots of it! Artisans have been making pretty jewelry and crafts that are great for trade and will bring back a lot of money for Egypt which will lead to power. So buy something gold NOW!!!!

Pharaoh Khufu

The wonderful Pharaoh Khufu has just made something amazing. He ordered for a HUGE so called Pyramid to built. Pharaoh Khufu also made a boat. He called it Khufu Ship. The Khufu ship will take off on the nile river later today, so come watch the leaving of Khufu Ship.

Construction around the kingdom

A new pyramid has just been built. There are many more to come says Pharaoh Khufu. Pharaoh Khufu made a huge pyramid that he calls The Great Pyramid which is 455 feet tall. The pyramid is going to be used as a burial chamber or tomb and it is also a monument. Pharaoh Khufu made the pyramid out of limestone and during the project many people have died. Khufu ordered for gold to go on the top of the pyramid. some rumors have been going around of wether if slaves built the pyramid or not. Those rumors are wrong. Farmers built the pyramids when their fields were flooded, and it was an optional job. There are also new buildings that are being added to the place by order of the royal family.

Daily Lives

Many people in Egypt are getting educated. Teachers are working hard to help teach their students. There are less poor people in Egypt now that there are more job offers. As Egypt gets more powerful the people become more happy. Egypt is doing better than ever so keep working hard on your jobs!

Job Offers

Some of the job offers are: be an artisan, be a digger, be a farmer, be a priest (if you are educated), scribe (if you are educated), or a merchant. If you want more go to the Kings Castle and ask for more information. Artisans are for people who like to paint and are good at painting. Diggers are for people who like to dig graves and just need a job. Being a farmer requires a lot of hard work. you don't get paid much, but again if you need a job then being a farmer is the job you should pick. Being a priest means that you should truly believe in our wonderful gods. if you are going to be a scribe then you should know how to write and carve and you should like craving and writing. If you want to be a merchant then you should be able to nogotiate so you can make money.


Everyone loves the gods, right? Well there are some concerns with that. While Egypt is settling down people are starting to say that they want to believe in their own gods and religion, but Pharaoh Khufu has stated that he will put in end to that revolt. In other news,Pharaoh Khufu said that we all should trie to pray to the gods twice a day, in the morning and at night.

Women Rights

If you are a woman and you are reading this you would want to read this section extra carefully. Women are starting to be treated better. Now all women can have jobs and they can be free. Though women aren't totally free it is a start. Some women are even thinking that a new Pharaoh could be a women if there are no men standing in the way. so we will have to look to the future on that. So congratulations to all of the women for having more rights.

Is this the end of the world?

Slowly and slowly there have been sightings of the rising of the water in the Nile River. Farmers are having to mover their fields 10 feet back every 4-6 months. Some people are hop[ing that the water will stop rising and other people think that the water will rise and completely flood the fields and crops. So we will all hope for the best that the water doesn't rise any more, but in case it does i suggest to keep a lot of food and water to store in your houses.

The Afterlife

Will you go to the afterlife? We all want to go to the afterlife, but how do we know we have been good all of our lives. When we die we will have to face the feather of truth and if our heart is lighter than the feather of truth then we can go to the afterlife for ever, but if our hearts is heavier than the feather of truth than our hearts will get eaten by Ammit the devourer of the dead.



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